Arya Samaj Mandir in Noida


Arya Samaj Mandir in Noida, we solemnize every wedding completed with all rituals and rites to unite the two souls in the holy bond of matrimony for life. Our marriage procedures are simple and entirely based on Vedic rituals that have been written in our Vedas. The wedding ceremony at our venue is appropriate to hold various kinds of marriages like love marriage, arranged marriage, court marriage, inter-caste and inter-religion marriages. We are completely involved in the ceremony from its inception till completion enclosed it with all the legal requirements or certificates.

Our rituals are purely Vedic based where the hymns are spelled during the marriage in utter devotion and blessing to the couple.


Our brief services:


  • Marriage is a huge task in itself and we provide all the facilities that are expected by the bride, groom or their respective families for an Arya Samaj Marriage in Noida.
  • Everybody is welcomed to celebrate their marriage at our venue irrespective of any caste or class and every kind of marriage whether it being love or a court marriage.
  • Our marriage ceremonies are simple and is performed as per Hindu Marriage rules.
  • Complete marriage rituals are performed to make your wedding a sacred one.
  • We also provide a legal marriage certificate and registration as a proof of your marriage and that too within a minimum time after the service is performed.
  • Bridal make-ups or photography service is also provided as per the requirement of the party and that too in affordable prices.



What all have to do for your wedding?


  • Not such hassles are there if you want to perform your marriage ceremony with us.
  • You may give us a call and get your booking done within minutes. With a pre-planned date it will become much easier to make quick decisions and for any further doubts or queries, you may contact our center readily.
  • An advance booking is just as would be helpful in planning more appropriately and you will be informed beforehand about any prior scheduled marriage on that day.
  • Your documents verifying your age and address is required. Witnesses are also required when you are undergoing a court marriage with their proofs as well.
  • Marriage at Arya Samaj is performed by our in-house priests who will recite the chants or Mantras according to Hindu Rituals.


Why should you choose our Services?


  • Our services are very simple and take only 2-3 hours of completion along with all the Marriage documents to legally solemnize your marriage. All the ceremonies follow the Act of Hindu Marriage 1955 and verified by our legal experts.
  • Every religion and caste is same and everyone can undergo their wedding ceremony at Arya Samaj.
  • We do not believe in much pomp and show that is somehow prevalent in today’s weddings, If you are eager to have a peaceful and sacred wedding, we can assure you all that and that too within a reasonable budget.
  • Legal marriages are performed under the expert guidance of advisors who provide you with a legal certificate after the ceremony.