Arya Samaj Marriage Certificate


Marriage Certificate is an officially recorded document issued by the government authorities, and it is a part of public record. The certificate has details of both bride and groom listed on it. The details of both of them on the certificate include their names, time and venue of the wedding and the witnesses present at the date of marriage.


We help you get the whole procedure done easily as we understand the need to make your marriage lawfully accepted. Right from scheduling to executing everything we are there to ensure that the wedding and registered marriage is done free of hassles.


You can connect with us over phone or email to get all the details and the answers to your queries. Hindu Wedding is famous worldwide and is renowned for one of the strongest bond which is believed to last not only lifelong but next seven births.      


Wedding at Arya Samaj Mandir brings you together in a sacred bond but obtaining a certificate is a way to legalize it. You can use your marriage certificate for –

  • Visa Approval in some countries.
  • Taking a Joint Loan as it is mandatory to present a marriage certificate.
  • Serves as legal proof of marriage in some legal situations.
  • Change of the maiden name of the bride in important documents such as bank accounts and Pan Card.