Arya Samaj Marriage Certificate

A marriage certificate is an officially recorded document which is issued by a government body where the couple who are listed on the marriage certificate is said to have a valid marriage. This is a part of a public record. This certificate carries the name of both the persons, their time, venue and witnesses of the marriage. A marriage certificate is an essential document for a newly married couple. It is like a license that legally authorizes their relation. The marriage certificate is obtained with by getting it registered.

Arya Samaj believes in the sacred bond of matrimony in however legalised way it is performed. Our custom of marriage stands appropriate for Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jain. Arya Samaj after every marriage ceremony provides the certificate completed with Arya Samaj marriage documentsby our legalised administration under the supervision of legal experts. Ours is a legal entity that issues Arya Samaj Marriage Certificate. If a court marriage is in your mind, we provide you with that service with our lawyer registering your marriage in court where after the service, you get to have your certificate from court too providing a valuable evidence to your marriage. A marriage certificate helps in obtaining a social security and self-confidence as well.


What are the documents you require for AryaSamaj Mandir Marriage/Marriage Registration

This is an extremely simplified process that takes up only 2-3 hours of your day. The requirements from your side incudes:

Age Proof

  • 10th class mark sheet/certificate
  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Driving licence

Address Proof

  • Aadhar Card
  • Bank Passbook
  • Passport
  • Voter ID Card


  • 5*5 Passport sized photographs for both the applicants
  • One marriage post card sized photo (only require at the time of marriage registration)

How a marriage certificate will be useful for you?

Getting a marriage certificate is definitely the right move as it will ease out many of the aspects of different proceedings. Any marriage that has already been solemnized will get registered under Hindu Marriage Act 1955 or under Special Marriage Act, 1954

        • Visa Approval: If you travelling abroad with your spouse you need the proof of marriage as some countries prohibit the travel if the couple could not provide a valid marriage certificate.
        • Legal Proof: Society terms are different and when people get married outside the bounds of society, they are sometimes not accepted. But, law does not hold any restrictions against these kind of marriage until and unless it is legal in every way.
        • Authorities: If it is a child marriage, then it is not legal. With a marriage certificate, it can be proved effectively. In case of death of parents, the benefits could be reaped to gain property as a relation to them.
        • Loan Approvals: Any loan approval when taken jointly will require the proof of marriage which becomes easy when you have a certificate at hand. It fastens your proceedings and gives your loan request a strong substance.