Arya Samaj Mandir in Gurgaon

Marriage is a sacred bond that ties two people and their families for life. It is an old belief that matches are made in heaven and we atArya Samaj believe in this blessed union bereft of any particular religion or caste and support the colossal bondingat Arya Samaj Mandir, where the marriage ceremony is performed with all the sacred Hindu rituals and rites.

If you are a resident of Delhi-NCR and looking for a reasonable venue for marriage, Arya Samaj mandir Gurgaon is the best possible option.Arya Samaj marriage in Gurgaon is taking place for a very long time much to the pleasure of people of many different religion and communities. Arya Samaj follows a rite of ‘sanskara’ with different chants and mantras that is followed at every step in the ceremony. Under our Vedic tradition, we tie the couple in this holy bond of matrimony.

Arya Samaj Mandir believes in celebration of the tradition with simplicity and without much of extravagant display unlike the fashion seen in today’s marriage ceremonies. Our services extend to every kind of ceremony whether it is an inter-caste, inter-religion, court or love marriage.


  • Arya Samaj Mandir Marriage: Appropriate for the people of all communities and religions belonging to Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jain, Arya Samaj can undertake the marriage ceremony successfully. Our sole belief lies in the purity and devotion that is present in such a bond.
  • Court Marriage & Marriage Registration: A court or registered marriage, does not require any rites or rituals as expected in a traditional ceremony. The Arya Samaj mandir’s Marriage registration in Gurgaonis performed as per the legal procedure in a law court under Hindu Marriage Act 1955. We complete all the formalities of the act within a single day under the supervision of our expert team so that you can receive your legal marriage certificate within the same day.
  • Inter-caste & Inter-religion Marriage:We work as per themodern times’ tradition of marriage, since many families and couples have accepted and demand the system of inter-caste and inter-religion marriage that were not existing before. We at Arya Samaj Mandir, treat every caste and religion as one making the marriage a valid one.
  • Love Marriage: Love marriages are the most trending and fashionable marriages in today’s society. Couples in love are very keen on undergoing such a marriage devoid of any hindering society rules or tradition. Arya Samaj Mandir can perform the custom for love marriages and that too under complete validity.


  • Hindu marriage customs: We are here to perform all the rituals and rites completed in a Vedic ceremony following the Hindu rituals.
  • A Fast & Reliable Service:The ceremony can take place in a single day with complete rituals and all the legal proceedings done properly to validate your marriage legally.
  • A legal marriage registration:Following the Hindu Marriage Act 1955,our marriage registration service is completely legal with you obtaining the marriage certificate in a single day or within a minimum amount of time.
  • Reasonable cost: For a marriage to undergo completion, the rituals play the most important part in the ceremony. We carry on with all the customs with our utmost devotion and that too at a fair cost.
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