Arya Samaj Mandir In Civil Lines

Arya samaj mandir in civil lines is providing various services including marriage. Weddings mean a lot for the couple and that is why our community is very much concerned about this special moment. Arya samaj marriage in civil lines takes a few hours only. But in these few hours, we connect the souls of the couple by Vedic rituals. We have said that it will take only a few hours to complete the marriage, but it doesn’t mean that it is not that effective. Rather than luxurious things, the simple Vedic rituals will establish a strong relationship between the couple.

Other than the Vedic rituals, the couple doesn’t have to worry about marriage certificates. Yes, they must have any valid and legal proof of the marriage. Our registered Arya samaj mandir provides marriage certificates to the couple. Don’t think that it is a time consuming and hassling process to get a marriage certificate. Because we help you get it without any hassle. The certificate is important for various circumstances like getting a joint bank account, visa approvals, etc. So the couple needs to get a proof of marriage held at Arya samaj mandir in civil lines. The mandir is authorized and registered for wedding ceremonies. You may need to know what documents you require to show at the time of marriage. Then it is just a birth certificate and an affidavit signed by the soulmates. Still, confused about all the things? Don’t worry, you can reach us via email and phone call. We will help you know every aspect of the Arya samaj marriage. We will let you know step by step what you need to do. So that you can happily start a new journey of your life after your marriage according to Arya samaj rituals.


With its foundation on 7th April, 1875 by Swami DayanandSaraswati, Arya Samaj has devotedly worked towards the betterment and development of healthy and peaceful society.Heeding our aim “KrinvantoVishwamAryam” as said in RigVeda that says Make all men Arya, we work towards building a cultured society.

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